In search of companies with natural building materials

Nope, don’t try to sell the materials to us.

We want to stimulate the existing supply chains 


A personal note from our President, Frieda Bakker: “Being a gardener with a background in agriculture, I simply LOVE the ingenuity of nature’s produce! Like sheep wool as insulation for example. It doesn’t require any (chemical) treatment for mold or fire. It is resistant on its own!  I’m in awe!”

“Besides being able to skip the use of chemicals when the appropriate natural building material is used, I believe it’s time to start thinking more about the future and what we leave behind. Also in the building industry. What happens to the materials when, hopefully after many years, the building is torn down? Can we give it back to Mother Nature? Right now, probably not. We need to start working and thinking circular.”

“In Europe, where I’m from, it’s easier to find more natural products than in the USA. When found in the US, they often come from Europe. This increases the price. Besides, do we really want greener products that traveled around the globe? What I know from my own agricultural research in the past is that the high costs are also caused by the inefficiency of the supply chain: small batches. In my research I found out that there’s MUCH to win in this sense which can make this a more attainable option for all!”

“What’s needed is the right connections and a good position in the market.”

We have that!

So let’s talk!


In direct contact with building factories

Large network of developers and investors

Known within the Tiny House Movement

We have our own Sales Territory

We are involved in Developments

We WANT to connect the dots

We care!


You have a working product and are looking to expand

Have capacity to grow

Are a USA based company

With a USA produced product

And you care too!