Coming soon: Homes & Offices for the High Rockies of Colorado

As proud Licensed Territory Owner of the new brand ModernMod, we bring facility-built homes and offices to the High Rockies of Colorado:

Park County
Summit County
Teller County


We believe that a good facility-built product can make a huge difference in the current housing market. This change is needed because the High Rockies are dealing with several challenges such as a lack of contractors and sky rocketing housing prices. The result is a shortage of employees because they have a hard time finding a place they can proudly call their own.


The market for office space has similar challenges: finding a representative office for your start-up or small business for a fair amount per month can be really hard. We know!

What if…

But what if there’s a “Business-in-a-Box”? Your own cool looking office for probably half the average rent? Expendable as your business grows, or movable and sell-able as you move onto another chapter in your life!
What if there’s a truly modular system that doesn’t look like it’s made in a factory? You simply start small and as your wallet or family grows, so does your home. You just add another box!


We are excited to bring an attainable solution to the area with the facility-built and certified products of ModernMod!

Residential (IRC)
Commercial (IBC)
Recreational (ANSI 119.5) 

ModernMod is disrupting the building industry. They’re using a recently developed patent-pending Box Technology called the OmegaBox®. It’s a very efficient, year-round, off-site building process with cost reductions for you as a result!
ModernMod’s portfolio spans from tiny houses or offices on a foundation, to (second) homes, to ten story high apartment buildings.
This, and more, makes it a viable solution for many in the Rockies.

We’re proud to be a Licensed Territory Owner and we’re proud to carry this brand!
Please visit us on ModernMod’s website for in-depth information about their products.

ModernMod for the High Rockies

Our Philosophy

A home or an office should be adjusted to your needs and lifestyle. Not the other way around. Right?

Unfortunately, currently that’s not the case. The market does not offer a lot of variety and it might require you to get a second job to pay for it. New onsite built takes a long time – up to an average of 24 months, if you’re able to find contractors.

So you find yourself compromising all that you are to what’s out there: too big, too expensive, and taking way too long to build. However, you can only compromise so far… so you find yourself in a bind. Like so many others.

We believe it’s time for a change in the current housing market! We need much more variety in size and price. We believe this reduces stress and helps human beings to become more at ease and thus healthier.

This is our drive and philosophy.

We’re making way for today’s better builds!

Box Technology?

A box. Made of wood. Extremely strong. With almost unlimited stacking and configuration possibilities.

  • Cantilevered without support?
  • Ten stories high?
  • Adding another room without a marrying wall and too much hassle?

It’s possible with the OmegaBox®, used in all of ModernMod’s products.

The secret? The OmegaBox® has a continuous header and footer and does not rely on the structural strength coming from doors and windows. It therefore is or has:

  • Truly modular (2.0) with easy add-ons as your family or business grows

  • Extremely strong with a standard snowload of 220 lbs at NO additional cost!

  • Way more design freedom

  • Easy to transport, like a shipping container

  • For smaller builds, no expensive crane needed


Up to 50% reduction in waste: one project’s trash is another project’s treasure

Year-round building window

Less harm to building site

Guaranteed product quality

A much faster building process – order to set only 8 weeks

Not relying on local contractors

Controlled environment, away from the elements


Intuitive and practical customer care

Personal experience with the Small-Living  and simple lifestyle

Out of the box, solution minded, fresh approach to housing

Member of the Design Committee of ModernMod

Internationally known advocate of Human Scale Living

We give a bunch and want to make a change